Green Valley 3D Screensaver
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Green Valley 3D Screensaver

Green Valley 3D Screensaver brings peace and relaxation to your desktop
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There are times when we all start feeling too stressed out because of the daily troubles and routine.
We get a feeling of tiredness and despair. This is when we need a break, and a good one that can really make us relax.

Green Valley 3D Screensaver brings peace and relaxation to your desktop.

This beautiful screensaver is an excellent aide in helping you to get a well deserved rest from all the dreadful daily activities.
You will be transported to a place that could be mistaken as paradise. You will find yourself in the middle of a beautiful valley somewhere in the mountains. You will immediately notice the sounds around you. You will be listening to birds singing, the wind blowing gently, and other noises of nature.

And as you start moving around, the view will be just wonderful. Everywhere around you see green. All kinds of shades of green in shrubs, trees, grass and more.
A clear blue sky completes the image.
You start walking and find yourself in front of a gentle stream with water so clear that it invites you to jump in. There is even a nice log bridge to cross to the other side.
You keep on moving and arrive to the entrance of a log cabin.
You feel the urge to open the door and go inside, but then you realize it is not empty.
Smoke is coming out of the chimney, as a signal that somebody lives there.
Should you go in?

Green Valley 3D Screensaver will help you to forget about everything you dislike, and finally allow your mind to think about nicer things.

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Fernando Soni
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  • Very beautiful and relaxing
  • Great sound


  • Not realistic



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